Dessert Craft By Vrinda

Dessert Craft offers an exquisite range of home crafted eggless desserts.

What thing can make you more happy and passionate about your work, than doing what you love. This statement goes very true in line with Vrinda Ghatiwala, the lady behind the origin of possibly the best in town -Brownies maker.

She started her initiative of serving egg-less desserts two years back with the name “Dessert Craft”. In these two successful years, Dessert Craft have been appreciated a lot for its divine taste which is offered in an exquisite range of desserts and cakes.

Vrinda believes that her passion and love of baking at home has motivated her to follow what she love and the appreciation she have got backed up her to take baking as her profession.

Over these years, the success of Dessert Craft has made her experienced in this field and endowed her with morale which makes her feel happy and customers blissed even with a simple chocolate cake.

Her grand line of specialisation includes baking Brownies, Jar Cakes (especially Oreo Chocolate Mousse and Tiramisu), Cup-cakes, Cheese Cakes and the list is never ending. Out of all diverse Brownie flavours they got, Oreo, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough and Espresso are some best taste to try.

As whatever she bakes is egg free and baked with love at home, one can celebrate his\her every day with the taste offered by Dessert Craft.

You can order on call or rush at the Country Store, C-Scheme to buy Dessert Craft’s egg-less home-made desserts and cakes.

With their tag line “Because every day is a celebration”, they believe and is committed to serve the customers the best and sweetest way possible.

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