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No words are enough to introduce the amazing Govind Dev Ji Temple of Jaipur. It is one of the most visited tourist destination of Jaipure which speaks to the royal past of Pink City. Govind Devji Temple Jaipur is believed to be the most royal temple on earth after Vrindavan, especially for supporters of Lord Krishna. The entire place expresses divine feeling and give peace and satisfaction to the soul of visitors.

History – Govind Dev Ji Temple is one of the most attractive and divine temples in Jaipur. The temple makes Jaipur feel proud of owing it. Every year millions of visitors visit this place to get blessings of Lord Krishna. This temple is dedicated to Lord Govind which is another name of Lord Krishna.

The story behind th construction of this place is quite interesting. According to popular belief, once Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II saw a dream in which Lord Krishna asked him to place his idol in his palace and in return Krishna will save the place from the massacre of Aurangzeb. Following this dream, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh then brought the idol of Lord Krishna from Vrindavan to his palace Surya Mahal and then shifted it to Chandra Mahal.

It is said that this idol is the an identical copy of Lord Krishna during his incarnation on earth. According to history, Vajranabha who was the grandson of Lord Krishna created this idol around 5000 years ago. When Vajranabha’s age was 13, he asked his grandmother to describe how Lord Krishna look like. After getting the description from grandmother, he tried to mold the picture of Lord Krishna. But even after trying twice, he couldn’t create the exact picture of Krishna. But in his third attempt, he succeeded in creating a picture which was exactly replicating Lord Krishna. This idol of lord Krishna was then named ‘Bajrakrit’ meaning ‘Creation of Bajra’.

Architecture Design – The beautiful temple of Govind Dev ji witness thousands of devotees every year who visit this temple to see the importance and glimpse of Hindu mythology. Presently, this temple is situated in the popular tourist place, City Palace.

The temple is surrounded by beautiful lavish gardens. The interior of this temple is the best example of famous European style. Chandeliers and many paintings describe the Indian art and culture in the most beautiful way. The ceiling of the Govind Dev Ji Temple is decorated in dazzling gold.

Govind Dev Ji Temple is specially dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna. The place gracefully denotes the royal era of the Pink City. The idol of this temple is said to be one of the most beautiful and fascinating images of Lord Krishna. The unique picture of Radha-Krishna doesn’t let tourists to take off their eyes from the perfect view. The temple opens for devotees at around 5.00 am with an ‘aarti’ and beautiful ‘bhajans’.

Every day the idol is worshiped with ‘prasad’ and devotional ‘bhajans’, at seven different times during the day. The Govind dev ji temple of Lord Radha-Krishna is surrounded by stunning arrangement which has a unique name as ‘Talkatora’. Severa; attractions are available in this Talkatora for youngsters as well as in this enclosure there are numerous attractions accessible for youngsters as well as teens. According to popular belief, Maharaja Jai Singh made the ‘City of Victory’, Jaipur as a commitment to Govind Devji.

Though the temple is always flooded with the thousands of devotees Though the temple is always swarming with the devotees, with sometimes more than 5000 devotees even on regular day but the place shows its true charm on Janmashtami. Janmashtami is the birth day of Lord Krishna and the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm here. So if you want to get the best view of this temple, visit it on Janmashtami.

The temple of Lord Govind DevJi is very unique example of the structural engineering of Jaipur and a perfect place for religious people, specially for the lovers of Lord Krishna.

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