Govindam Retreat Jaipur

If you want to explore and experience the best of food in the old city of Jaipur itself then this article is for you. We are talking about the newest and refreshing place to dine in the centre of Beautiful Jaipur, it is Govindam Retreat.

The place is located almost next to moat visited and followed temple of Jaipur i.e. Govind Deo Ji Temple on the First floor of All Rajasthan Shilp Gram Udyog in Kanwar Nagar. One of the foremost reason toh visit this restaurant is that it is nearest to most of the oldest monument and markets in the city. Exciting, isn’t it!

Talking more about this place, Govindam Retreat has designed in a very unique way with all that refreshing environment and positive vibes which comes from its ambience. Visitors are in awe with its food and services which makes an another sound reason to rush to this restaurant as soon as you came to know about it, like through this article though.

They serve almost every famous dish of Rajasthan which is mouth watering and would surely fall in love with the taste with the very first bite or sip. Service then is the other side of coin which is making people love this place more and more. Let’s not miss the ambience and environment this restaurant holds which makes this place Instagrammers friendly as well.

The restaurant is also very spacious to make the visitors feel more comfortable and cozy while they enjoy their food. So whenever you are planning to step out to dine within the city, Govindam Retreat should be the foremost on the list.

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