Jawahar Circle Garden

The Jawahar Circle Garden is a unique destination for the visitors of the Pink City of Jaipur in Rajasthan. The garden is honored as the largest circular park all over in Asia. The beautiful garden is situated near to the Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. This greatest circular park is encompassed by the rose garden and has different concentric tracks that make it a unique amongst the most visited  parks of the pink city.


The Jawahar Circle Garden was created in 2009 by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA). It took around 17 crores to complete the construction of this garden. The JDA also handled the civil and horticulture work for this garden. The garden has the parking facility for over 200 cars. Apart from all these features, multiple concentric jogging tracks, benches, walkway and the most popular, the musical fountain also drag people to visit this garden again and again.

Popular Attractions

Several unique features of the garden that attract visitors from all over Jaipur include musical fountains, lovely jogging track, modern playing equipment, etc. One can also enjoy Kiosks here and have fun of beautiful landscaping and lush plantation surrounding the garden.  The beautiful garden is the result of the effort of JDA ie Jaipur Development Authority. The popular attractions of this garden are as follows

The Musical Fountain :

The Musical fountain of Jawahar circle garden gives you memories for the lifetime. The gorgeous fountain creates different effects of 270 types. The height of the water level of the fountains sometimes reaches to 25 feet. The stunning fountain features about 316 colorful lights. During nights, the scene of these colorful light is the treat to the eye. This lovely show starts at around 7 pm and is open every evening for 30 minutes. The unique TV screen placed here looks as if it is made up of water droplets and plays the lovely musical videos.

The walkway and Jogging track :

If you are one of those fitness freaks, enjoy here at concentric jogging tracks. The designs of these tracks is very unique. Theb beautiful walkway allows visitors to blend in with the nature while having a quite walk. For children, there are lots of modern playing equipment.

The Landscape :

The uniquely designed landscape and lush green plantation of the garden make visitors go stunned. The garden looks extra ordinary during nights due to creative electrification.

Nearby Tourist Attractions – Entertainment Paradise, ERA

How To Reach– By road using cars, public transport buses, cycles and motorbikes

Visiting duration – 30 minutes to 1 hour

If you are a nature lover,  then this garden is the best choice for you. So if you are planning trip to Jaipur, don’t  forget to spend some quality time with yourself here.

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