Maharani Ki Chhatri Jaipur

Rajasthan is the state of vibrant culture and royal history. During the trip to India, tourists make sure to visit this beautiful and graceful state. Such a royal monument which expresses the ancient India, is Maharani ki Chhatri. Situated in the middle of Jaipur and Amber, Maharani ki Chhatri of Jaipur is basically a funeral service range for the Royal women or Maharanis of Jaipur. The amazingly carved chhatris or cenotaphs are the key attraction of the place. These chhatris were constructed in the memory of different women of the Royal families.

Address : Amber Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

History : Maharani ki Chhatri in Jaipur is situated on the Amber Road just before the Ramgarh street intersection close to the Jal Mahal. Though the concept of Chhatris or cenotaphs was basically belonged to Mughals but after some time, it has been turned turned into a piece of Hindu Architecture style. Chhatris are basically referred to shade and one can find several types of Chhatris all through Rajasthan. Maharani ki Chhatri is a unique memorial service range for the maharanis or the royal women of Jaipur.

According to the local belief, if the queen dies before her husband or king, only then the Chhatri will be finished with the roof structure. But in the other case when the queen dies after the death of her husband, the Chhatri would remain unfinished.

Popular Attractions : A unique among the most stunning attractions in the Pink City, Maharani ki Chhatri is a unique area for memorial service for the maharanis or the royal women. These Cenotaphs were used to represent the status symbol of the royal women and that’s the reason these Chhatris were built from precious materials. On the basis of the importance of the women in the honorability, some of the Cenotaphs were built using beautiful white marble while some were constructed using local stones which were available in the Pink City. Some of the Cenotaph are unfinished here. The reason being that if the queen died before her king, only then her Cenotaph will be completed with the roof structure. But in opposite case, her Cenotaph will remain unfinished.

One of the main attraction of these cenotaphs is the utilization of chhatri (umbrella), which is a very stunning architectural style of the Rajputs. The glorious excellence and high importance of these cenotaph makes it a unique amongst the most visited tourist destinations in Jaipur. Each Chhatri is very beautifully carved and it clearly reflects the taste of the women in whose memory it has been constructed. These beautiful and grand cenotaphs are the symbol of the status and importance of women in the royal family.

How to reach : Local buses, cabs, auto-rikshaws and cycle-rikshaws are available from Jaipur city.

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Timings : Open on all days except Holi 9.30 am-4.30 pm

Visiting Duration : 30 minutes

Entry Fee : No Entry Fee

Maharani ki Chhatri, Jaipur is one of the must visit place. One must visit this place to get a flash of the Rajputana history.

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