Rajasthan is popular all over in the world for its beautiful architectures and Sargasuli is one of them. Popularly known as “tower to paradise”, this beautiful tower is the symbol of Jaipur’s triumph. Also famous as “Isar Lat”, Sargasuli Tower is one of the major tourist destination of the Pink City. It is a must visit place for every history freak.

History : This beautiful tower was constructed in the mid eighteenth century in the year 1749 when the ruler of Jaipur, Maharaja Ishwari Singh gained victory over Raja Madho Singh. As a matter of facr, this place speaks about this victory and holds greater importance in the history of Jaipur. This tower has been constructed following the rules of Vaastushaastra. Before getting Independence, people used this tower to keep watch for possible attacks. Being 60 ft high from the ground, this is the highest building of the walled Jaipur.

Popular Attractions : Famous as Isar Lat among locals, this sky touching building is situated near the convergence of Tripolia Bazaar and Gangori Bazaar close to the Chhoti Chaupar Chowk and Tripolia Gate. Visitors can witness the extremely fantastic view of Old Jaipur from the top of Sargasuli tower.

This seven story minaret was based on Qutub Minar and Kirti Stambha of Chittaurgarh. The dividers of the tower are composed in superb cross section work which offers air and light to the whole building. The place is a great example of architecture pattern of ancient times. The view from the highest point of this building is so stunning that thousands of visitors get attracted towards this place.

The entry of the place is through a small door, entering by which visitors can see a beautiful round gallery that spirals upwards towards the mouth of the building. Every floor of Sargasuli Tower has a door which opens up towards a Balcony right inside the building.

By visiting this sky touching tower, tourists get to see the breath taking 360 degrees panoramic view of the entire Jaipur from the roof top. This is the place that will help you to understand what is earthly beauty and this is the reason it has been named as “Sargasuli”.

How to reach : Take any public mode of transport from Shastri Market and reach Aatish Market where this building is situated. Take a taxi or auto rickshaw to reach here

So in case the History of Rajasthan attracts you, make sure to visit this place to get more clear view of royal History and feel that eye catching moment from the 60 ft height.

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