Tea Tradition

Tea Tradition, a venture of Tea Tradition Hospitality Services Ltd is a tea shop to serve your the best of Tea in Jaipur. For every Tea lover or anyone who is somehow in any manner is related with tea will love the place. Just ask for tea and you will be amazed with the way you will be served. Be it Cutting Chai, Kulhadi Chai or in a Large Mug, they serve it the all way. Made with the selected leaves from the finest tea gardens of India, once you sip a tea here you won’t be talking about any other place for the next sip.

Tea Tradition aka TT is a simple and traditional space where one can sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings, interviews or even have a lot of good fun, all over hot piping cup of tea. TT always strive to serve the best tea for the people of Tea drinking nation i.e. India with high quality, hygienic and environment friendly manner.

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Jaipur 302007 RJ IN
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