Teatro Dhora

Teatro Dhora is a unique and conceptualized store from the house of DHORA. Being one of its kinds, it is nothing like an ordinary fashion shop rather it showcases some unusual and unconventional fashion terms. The first concept store of Jaipur from Aavriti R. Jain curates the best creations from some of the best emerging designers.

Teatro Dhora is a multi designer space ranging from fashionable clothing, shoes, jewellery, furniture, home décor, paintings, photographs and leather accessories and what not. It is a concept store for a reason as it is a theater as well, providing platform to the artists and help artists meet and share their work of art.

The store is well executed and amazingly stuffed to give a must visit when you are in Jaipur. With great variety of glares and diverse eye catching collection, one will surely be get mind boggled the very next moment he\she enters the store.  The best thing about the store is that it has provided an opportunity to the designers and artists which may the other way would have struggled to get their talent exposed to the public.

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