The Urban Hub Cafe

The restaurant/café business is escalating at a very large scale but very few stands a chance to differentiate from others. One of those outstanding performers is ‘The Urban Hub Café’. The Café is the new entry to the industry and has already started getting into the light through its uniqueness, the uniqueness in design, in its menu, in its idea and the list is never ending.

The Urban Hub Café is developing to become a social hub where one can relax from their daily busy schedule and make the most of the free time with novels. The place is designed to make you comfortable with your buddies and also provide you a comfort zone in case you want to be left with your laptop to work. The café is appropriately spaced to make the customers to roll at the café the smooth way.

You will find the interiors astonishing and a class apart. Central ceiling is glorified with the world map and other such geographical boundaries. They will not let their customer feel the short of entertainment. To facilitate you with the entertainment out of bigger box, the café owner has installed projector in an appropriate place so that there would be no compromise over matches and shows.

When it comes to the dishes and beverages served by The Urban Hub Café, there is no compromise with the quality and taste as the owner of the café, Mr. Karan Khetan is himself a passionate chef who is always keen to serve the people in town with his mouth-watering taste.

The Urban Hub Café serves the best of cuisines which is backed up with the tongue licking shakes. The wide range of thick shakes and coffee is their USP. The Urban Hub Café grabs a superior chance over others because of the soothing comfort and tasty cuisines they provide at the most porch spot of the city i.e. Lal Kothi.

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All Days - 11:00AM - 11:00PM

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