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WAYLAY is one of the most alluring café of Jaipur located at Malviya Nagar servicing the best to its customers. As the name suggests this place is a work of creative minds. This very different name “WAYLAY” has contributed a lot to its popularity as it in general sense means to be free and ready to hang out.

A place that offers you a desirable menu with a peaceful and comfortable environment to enjoy with your friends and family, an appealing ambiance with happiness and laughter all around WAYLAY is a place to that knows how to give its customer an unforgettable experience. WAYLAY is not just a café it offers a full multi course menu with great music and amazing décor.

Owners and designers have kept full consideration about the satisfaction of the customers in every sense since from the welcome to Dasvidaniya. The way the seating, foods, walls, and everything else are presented there is a work of fascinating creativity and tempted senses.

To the first sight it is the green garden area offering the variety of Swiss tents which is stuffed with cool things and tables and walls designed to give you experience like Arabian Nights. Moving to indoors, it is more vibrant than the outdoor part. The colored wooden furniture looking alike school benches feels with yellow colored walls makes one fill very cozy there.

WAYLAY has got the most fashionable and well-mannered kind people as their staff who provides cent-percent of them to provide an environment which is appealing, happy, enjoyable and comfortable.

WAYLAY’s art and décor has been carefully chosen and designed just for its valuable customers. From the custom seating to the wall, bookshelf,lighting’s, menu card and even the washroom, your eyes will never be without something interesting to see.

Any occasion or function likes birthdays, lunch, dinner, kitty parties, treats with friends can be celebrated with full ambiance there enjoying Tea, Coffee, sandwiches, Pizza and other mouth-watering servings. The menu in WAYLAY is quite diverse delivering you with lot of Fast foods, Indian, Italian, Chinese and much more. Both hot & cold beverages forms part of the menu including Green tea, hot and cold coffee, different types of milk shakes, ice tea etc.

Generally, youth forms the major part of the visitors there who can be seen having fun in groups and couples in all elegance manners. In all, WAYLAY makes it possible for every age group to be welcomed and celebrate and gain the unforgettable memories and experience which leaves with the everlasting happiness in minds and hearts.

So next time when you are going to plan for an unforgettable party just book it at WAYLAY and hang out with your friends at a youth friendly environment also make sure to visit here with your family.

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